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Top tips to use cryptocurrency for marketing


The popularity of cryptocurrencies have been on the rise for the last couple of years. Companies and entrepreneurs can leverage cryptocurrencies and blockchain to improve their marketing efforts whether it is the usage of buzzwords or a strong dive into the crypto market.

Top 5 Tips On Using Cryptocurrency to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

September 29

Tip Content Creators With Ripple


Internet users will be able to tip and pay content creators on YouTube, Twitch, Wikipedia, and other media with Ripple. A new app called Coil will have a functionality that will allow users to donate Ripple to content creators or pay for content they want to view.

A Browser App Will Allow Users to Tip YouTube, Twitch, and Wikipedia Content Creators with XRP

September 24

Binance and Coinabse are hiring new people


Binance and Coinbase are hiring new people despite the deep bear market. For example, binance is looking to hire 50 new people while Coinbase got a head of analytics and data science from LinkedIn on their team. These are rather huge indicators for rapid growth set in the future. 

Crypto Exchanges Binance and Coinbase Hiring Tons of New People, Expecting Rapid Growth

September 21

Bank of America charges 6000 more in fees than Bitcoin


We have heard that Bitcoin has insane fees for transactions. The Bank of America released its public figures that shows  their transaction fees. They start as low as $30. For example, a $90,000 transaction will cost $45 in fees in Bank of America and 75 cents when sending it through Bitcoin blockchain. 

Bank of America Fees are 6000 times more expensive than Bitcoin

September 20