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Nasdaq Acquires Cinnober


Nasdaq has made a deal and acquired a Swedish exchange Cinnober. The newly acquired exchange is crypto-friendly and has a bullish bias towards digital assets. Nasdaq is trying to legitimize cryptocurrency trading by making them more secure and available to larger investors. 

Nasdaq Acquires Cryptocurrency Friendly Swedish Exchange Cinnober

September 17

Blockchain could help facilitate trade financing


The World Economic Forum and Bain & Company have conducted a research on Blockchain and trade financing. They say that Blockchain technology could fill the $1.5 trillion dollar gap for supply and demand in global trade finance. 

$1 Trillion Boost in Trade Finance with Blockchain – WEF Research Suggests

September 14

Ethereum Price Drops due to ICO sell off


A research by TrustNodes suggests that ICOs have sold over 160,000 ETH over the past 10 days which is the main contributing factor to the abrupt Ethereum price drop. ICOs have been selling their Ethereum to cover business costs or they were afraid of the bear market. Also, in August, projects  were selling only bits of Ethereum but the volume has gradually increased. 

More Than 160,000 ETH Sold By ICOs In Need of Money Over the Past 10 Days

September 14

Binance teams up with malta stock exchange to launch security token trading platform


The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is teaming up with Malta Stock Exchange. They want to launch a security token exchange platform. Malta is bullish and optimistic towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

Binance to Launch Security Tokens Trading Platform with Malta Stock Exchange

September 12