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Bitcoin ETF Postponed until September


The SEC decided to postpone the listing of Bitcoin ETF until September 30. They claim that the market is unregulated and they need more time to make a decision on listing a new asset. The ETF could be a huge leap towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. 

SEC Postpones Decision to List Bitcoin ETF until September 30 – Market is Unregulated

August 07

Swiss bank accepts cryptocurrency


A major Swiss bank Maerki Baumann has announced that they will start accepting cryptocurrencies. This is another great piece of news in addition to other stock exchanges and private banks joining the cryptocurrency market. The Maerki Baumann will accept cryptoccurrencies gained from a service or mining. 

A Major Swiss Bank Announce They Will Accept Cryptocurrencies

August 06

Telegram Trading Groups manipulate cryptocurrency market


Telegram Cryptocurrency Trading groups are hugely responsible for the market manipulation in 2018. Their total revenue is around $825 million. The Wall Street Journal published a study claiming that Telegram Pump and Dump groups are organized groups that manipulate cryptocurrency prices. 

Telegram Trading Groups Make $825 Million from Market Manipulation – WSJ Study Suggests

August 06

German Stock Exchange Cryptocurrency Trading App


A German Stock Exchange Stuttgart Group creates a cryptocurrency trading app called BISON. They will be aiming towards creating a cryptocurrency infrastructure and a platform to launch new ICOS and issue tokens for corporate funding. 

German Stock Exchange Creates Crypto-Trading App. Plans to Create Cryptocurrency Infrastructure

August 05