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Will Nauticus Become the Number 1 Exchange?

July 17


Nauticus review

Nauticus, a fintech company based in Melbourne, aims to create a user-friendly, secure and efficient cryptocurrency banking, payment and eCommerce solutions. They will be utilizing the blockchain technology which will be strapped on to the Nauticus coin.

Once the ICO ends, investors will be able to start trading on a native Nauticus crypto and fiat exchange starting mid-August. What other ICO can offer such convenience?

The users of Nauticus Coin will be rewarded with a 50% discount on their trading fees on Nauticus Exchange. This should help with the adoption, allowing users to get used to the exchange, as well as increase the value of the coin.

Also, Nauticus has plans to build an eCommerce and payments platform, and an environmentally friendly blockchain mining center.

The Nauticus ICO ends on July 18. The ICO has already seen huge success – the platform has almost half a million registered users and has already raised over $16 million. Currently, the platform has raised more than Binance during their ICO.

The Nauticus Beta V2 exchange is currently available. Check out the great work and effort they put in to create it:

New users get a gift of 100 NTS (Nauticus) tokens for signing up. Also, there are bonuses up to 10% before the ICO ends.

Why Nauticus is so great?

For example, Coinbase only offers trading on a handful of coins which means that users have to find other exchanges if they want to trade tokens unavailable on Coinbase. Nauticus is the game changer – the platform will initially offer 100 cryptocurrencies and seven fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD,ZAR, CNY). In 12 months’ time, the exchange will offer around 300 cryptocurrencies. This should place Nauticus Exchange on the Top 10 international exchanges. Also, they look forward to expanding their trading to 16 fiat currencies.

Now, let’s compare a really popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance to Nauticus Exchange.

Binance currently offers trading pairs in Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). Binance supports a wide variety of coins, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Dash, and others. Currently, there are 147 Bitcoin pairs, 144 Ethereum Pairs, 73 Binance Coin pairs, and 18 Tether pairs. Binance doesn’t offer fiat trading.

In contrast, Nauticus Exchange will allow users to trade up to 16 fiat currencies. They will initially offer seven fiat currency pairs (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, ZAR, CNY) and 100 cryptocurrencies. Later, they will expand to 300 cryptocurrencies. Fiat currency trading alone gives Nauticus a huge advantage over cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

Moreover, Nauticus Exchange will be the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to offer something more than USD. For example, popular fiat-to-crypto exchanges like Coinbase, CoinMama, GDAX, Kraken, CEX, LocalBitcoins, BitStamp and others only offer to trade with USD while Nauticus will outmatch them with initial 7 fiat currencies.

Also, they have an experienced team and great advisors who are experts in their field. And an experienced group of advisors from exchange and banking sectors will ensure that the Nauticus Platform is up to standards while the developers will make sure it's running smooth. Not to mention that the founders of Nauticus Bryan Ng and Jonathan Chang have a lot of experience starting and developing new businesses.

Taking a look at their timeline, they have huge ambitions that will shape the industry.

In 2018 August they will launch their native Nauticus Exchange.

In 2019 they plan to open a green blockchain mining center that should be self-sustainable. It will allow for cheaper and faster transactions for people using Nauticus. This is a promising date since cryptocurrency mining is taking a toll on resources and prices of GPUs.

In 2020 Nauticus should announce their eCommerce platform with a user-friendly interface. This platform will allow for easy and instant payments in any crypto or fiat. The eCommerce platform would be a great addition to the cryptocurrency industry since quite a number of platforms are too complicated for an average Joe.

In 2021 they should launch a Merchant payments platform with instant payments, and contactless payment methods (NFC, QR, ApplePay, AndroidPay). The fees will be down to 0.1 percent!. The platform will have analytics to help enterprises and governments as well as peer-to-peer fund transfers. Combines with the eCommerce platform this will scale really well with other cryptocurrencies and even fiat payments.

The year 2022 will see the implementation of Global KYC Verification. The company should become a global partner. The global KYC would let users to be verified only once. This means that users will only have to go through KYC verification only once, allowing for greater flexibility and time-savings. Today we need to do KYC for each different crypto exchange or other services and Nauticus Global KYC will our hero. 

Lastly, in 2023 Nauticus will establish an ICO gateway. This will act as an ICO incubator with all necessary support. This includes IT, Financial, Legal, Marketing and HR assistance. The ICO gateway should allow for more trustworthy and established ICOs to see the day of light and have a clear way to add their tokens to Nauticus Exchange.

All in all, the Nauticus project looks great with ambitions to shape the cryptocurrency industry. It is true that cryptocurrencies should be no harder than ordering pizza and Nauticus has it covered with their eCommerce and Merchant payment platforms set for the future.

Nauticus exchange will be the first in the world to offer 100 cryptocurrencies and seven fiat currencies. Also, it is registered with the Australian Government regulator AUSTRAC making it the most legit ICO and cryptocurrency exchange on the market.

So, will Nauticus become the number 1 exchange?

Most likely. Nauticus has huge potential and 7 initial fiat currencies on the exchange is a great advantage compared to other exchanges. User-friendly interface, low fees and a wide variety of currencies speak "Convenience". It's in our human nature to go for something convenient, even if it's a cryptocurrency exchange. Also, ambitious goals, if done successfully, will put Nauticus to the top and make it the most popular exchange on the market.

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