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Kakushin Review – Innovation and Intellectual Property, Just Fancy Words?

July 19


Kakushin review

Kakushin is an Australian based company holding an ICO. It’s a decentralized ecosystem of innovation and intellectual property.

Kakushin claims to be an ecosystem that uses blockchain to allow innovators to get access to funding as well as unlock the potential for ground-breaking creativity all over the world.

The last few words sound like that the creators will be able to unlock their unimaginable potential with Kakushin. Let’s take a deeper look at the project and find out if it’s really true or just a marketing gimmick.


Idea of Kakushin

The idea behind Kakushin is supported by the need for an ecosystem that would bring all sorts of innovators to their space. The Kakushin Ecosystem would create a place to bring together inventors, innovators, product designers, manufacturers, technology and innovation enthusiasts, patent holders, ICO and crypto creators, investors and other people who are interested in technology and innovation. Essentially, the ecosystem would allow potential investors to meet innovators and see new products; also it would act as a place to build networks.

Moreover, Kakushin emphasizes the need for innovators to create new ICOs. According to their flowchart, innovators on the Kakushin Ecosystem would need to start their own ICO to attract investors. This means that Kakushin would be in charge of their ICOs in one way or another while independent ICOs manage their own assets, marketing, and development.

The Kakushin Ecosystem would branch into a Kakushin Exchange which would only be available inside the Ecosystem, just to keep and maintain the flow of Kakushin Coin (KKN) in their Kakushinomy (a word that doesn’t really sound appealing). Since they want innovators to start ICOs, Kakushin will have an ICO Incubation and Nursing Centre (Consultation, Management, and Development). This ICO farm would allow investors (Inside the ecosystem) to learn about ICOs, track and invest in them, as well as launch new ones. Strangely, they are using “innovative and eco-friendly projects” quite frequently. Finally, the Kakushin Marketplace would allow purchasing “innovative and eco-friendly” intellectual properties using the Kakushin Coin.

All in all, the idea behind Kakushin is just a simple ecosystem (probably a single website) that would presumably bring innovators and investors together. They emphasize the need for ICOs and “eco-friendly projects” in their whitepaper while allowing innovators to create ICOs on their platform only.


Kakushin Token Overview

ICO will be held on June 1 till June 30, but it looks like the ICO was extended and will end on August 15. The ICO will be held on their KES platform.

The Kakushin Coin (KKN) is priced at 1 KKN = $0.06 USD

They accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.

The soft-cap is $4,000,000, hard-cap is $30,000,000 Total supply 2,4 billion KKN.

The money raised during the Pre-ICO and ICO will mostly be used for research and development, infrastructure, and marketing.

Based on their ICO (Main Sale) page, they have raised $205,336, that’s only 5% of the soft-cap. It’s not a surprise they had to extend their ICO dates.

It appears that the Kakushin Coin will be a Utility token used in the ecosystem.



According to their roadmap, they are lagging behind. The Q1 of 2018 should have been the Pre-sale and ICO period, and the Q2 of 2018 should have been the start of ecosystem development. They should launch their Kakushin Exchange on the Q4 of 2018, but from the looks of it, we will not see the launch anytime soon.



The team consists of 17 members. 13 of them are advisors.

The Kakushin team has 4 Co-founders.

Chandan Indoria – 13 years of experience in business consulting

Sachin Bhargava – Project management

Amit Dubey - Marketing

Marco De Corso – Accountant

At first, it looks that they have an extensive team that is experienced in their respective fields, but once we take a closer look, we can see that there are 4 Co-founders who don’t have technical or development experience. Other 13 team members are various ICO/Blockchain/Innovation advisors.

Moreover, the project has 2 Endorsements from:

Anant Vidhaat Sharma – an actor and contributor to the Bollywood film industry.

Krystle Rose – a Fashion model.

These two endorsements don’t really help with the development of the platform – just pure marketing that, perhaps, didn’t result in a successful ICO (mind the 5% of soft-cap raised since June 1st).

Also, Kakushin has strategic partners displayed on their website:

  • ICO Bay – The website is down (July 19). Webcoin – ICO for global market digitalization. (They have Kakushin on their strategic partners' list) ICO Calendar – ICO Listing website that looks too cluttered and chaotic. (They have Kakushin on their strategic partners' list) 
  • Nviera - Private limited is a product-based software company. (Kakushin not listed) 
  • Lexvidpartners - Law firm in Madhya Pradesh Region with substantial representation in civil, corporate laws. (Kakushin not listed) 
  • InThinks - Next generation technology company with innovative products. (Kakushin not listed)

The Kakushin project revolves around building an ecosystem for innovators and investors yet the team doesn’t have any developers or people who would be able to aid in creating/developing the ecosystem, exchange, marketplace, and ICO incubator. This paired with only $200k raised (5% of soft-cap) shows that the project won’t go further or will have issues in the future, unless, they hired expert developers from their strategic partners?

Our Tokenlion Expert Check Tool didn’t find any advisors from ICO Bench.



The Kakushin whitepaper is lacking.

First of all, they tried to play around with the aesthetics of the paper but ended up with some poor quality images and strange layout in some cases.

Secondly, the whitepaper contains grammar errors and spelling mistakes, which makes reading it much harder.

Third, the whitepaper is lacking in information. It has 33 pages, but half of them talk about what Kakushin is. The whitepaper mostly focuses on the “project” and how “great” it is by saturating the text with “innovation”, “eco-friendly”, and “groundbreaking”.

There is no information or guidelines on how the team is going to develop the ecosystem and other elements. Also, they don’t disclose any information about marketing, competitors, and the overall market they are trying to penetrate.

And the other half of the paper (the majority) is some general information outlining the risks and restrictions. Surprisingly, the whitepaper suggests deleting any content of content creators that don’t follow their ideology or criticizes their product.

All in all, the Kakushin whitepaper lacks crucial information. Only general information about the project is given.



Kakushin doesn’t have a product or an MVP. They should have started developing the Kakushin ecosystem in Q2 of 2018 but it looks like they have missed the date. Next up is the Kakushin Exchange which will probably be missed or postponed again.



What about the popularity of Kakushin?

Quite a number of “supportive” comments were received on the Kakushin project overview page. The comments are of a similar nature – “To the moon” and “The best”. Allegedly, the commenters could have been brought to the comment section via a bounty campaign.

Kakushin website has 29k monthly visitors (June), most of them come from a lower quality source (India and Pakistan). From the looks of it, Kakushin is popular in India.

A lot of traffic to their website comes from Direct links, Referrals and Social Media.

Now, let’s take at the top referring websites:

We can see that the majority of their traffic comes from airdrop and bounty campaign websites. Consequently, the traffic from these websites doesn’t convert into leads and this explains why they haven’t reached their soft-cap yet.

Most of the social traffic comes from Youtube:

Now, let’s check Kakushin ICO on Youtube The results are surprising. We can presumably link the number of visitors (29k) to the YouTube view count. The most viewed video is the Kakushin ICO Referral How To Earn Tokens – Money Tutorial. Again, this leads to a false advertisement or click-baiting.

Also, they have been advertising on some website. Strangely enough, their publisher was the website. The website is about drugs and other medications. It has nothing to do with Kakushin (perhaps the innovation?), but we can see why they chose this website as a publisher. The has almost 36 million visitors each month.

Taking a look at Tokenlion tracker, we see that Kakushin popularity chart is declining:

What we found interesting is that Kakushin is already posting their KKN token price prediction on their Twitter.

This, most of the times, isn’t a good sign – they are likely trying to spark some hype and bring some people to buy their tokens. The post didn’t really receive a lot of engagement compared to previous ones.



In conclusion, Kakushin is an ambitious project that could see success if done differently. They are aiming to create an ecosystem where innovators and investors would gather and work on new projects. They are emphasizing the need for investors to start their own ICO on Kakushin platform. This would essentially lead to a loss of autonomy for the creators. Intellectual property is only mentioned a few times on their website and whitepaper leaving the phrase standing there just like a marketing gimmick. Kakushin has extended its ICO till August 15 but has only raised 5% of their soft-cap ($200k). Their team consists of 17 team member, 4 of them are co-founders and the other 13 are advisors. None of them have development or technical background required to develop the ecosystem. Also, they are lagging behind their roadmap. Most of their popularity and traffic comes from bounty and airdrop campaigns. There are some clickbaity videos on YouTube that could potentially lead to new visitors, but all this effort doesn’t convert to leads in the end.

Would we invest in Kakushin? - No

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