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WPP Energy Review – HHO Energy Solutions and Cryptocurrency Exchange for Power Tokens

July 26


WPP Energy ICO Review

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We can see quite a few green power focused cryptocurrency projects springing up. Today we will be reviewing WPP Energy Project – it’s a Green Energy token backed by billions in projects. It claims to disrupt a multi-trillion market which is still in its early stages.

WPP Energy has headquarters in Geneva Switzerland. They are leading the global renewable energy industry since 2009 and the president Rafael Ben has over 30 years of experience in the field.

The WPP Green Energy Project seems to be focused on HHO power – Hydrogen and Oxygen. They aim to disrupt the green energy industry by introducing green HHO power to already polluting plants, build mobile power stations and provide consumers with HHO energy supplies for homes.

Idea of WPP Energy

The WPP Energy Project aims to reduce the cost of green energy on a global scale. Their whitepaper states that the cost can be reduced through the use of WPP technologies, partnerships, licenses, affiliates and third-party relationships.

Also, they are inviting green energy suppliers to join the project. There are several green energy types they will be focusing on:

1.       Geothermal

2.       Hydrogen

3.       Ocean Mechanical

4.       Ocean Thermal

5.       Solar

6.       Wind

7.       Hydroelectric

8.       Biomass

They have also provided a schematic of how suppliers would provide green energy to the WPP Power Project.

Moreover, the WPP Energy Project will play a huge part in reducing the cost of green energy. They have ambitions to become the central hub for trading renewable energy. WPP seeks to reduce energy prices through their Green Energy Platform.

In Addition to WPP Green Energy Platform, the company will be developing a WPP Exchange Platform. The exchange won’t be a simple crypto-to-crypto trading platform. It will feature only energy and crypto mining related tokens. They state that at least 20 energy-related cryptocurrencies will be traded on the exchange.

WPP Token Overview

Currently, the WPP presale is active. The tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol.

Start: 2018-07-15 End: 2018-09-15

The total supply is 5 Billion WPP Tokens. During the private sale, the price of a token was at $0.16

During the presale, the token price is $0.20. The price will not change.

The presale is set to fund the development of two digital blockchain platforms and launch the Green Energy Rebate Program.

There is no further information about the main sale. WPP states that the main crowdfunding campaign will be set to raise more funds in order to kick-start the development of 3 physical HHO products.

The WPP doesn’t reward bonus tokens. The price difference between a private sale and the presale is not great so this might assure that the token price after the crowdsale is less likely to see a dump. 

WPP Energy Roadmap

Starting from the closest date – July 31, the WPP will begin the development of the Green Energy Platform.

On September 15 the presale will end and after 5 days (September 20) the main crowdsale will take place.

Also, in September they will begin the development of Energy Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

In November they should finish the development of the Green Energy Platform.

By the end of the year, they will have finished the development of cryptocurrency exchange and finish their crowdsale.

Over 2019-2020 they will be developing and testing their HHO solutions.

It’s great to see a clear and concise roadmap without unnecessary information. The roadmap is clearly laid out and easy to follow. The WPP Energy Project will stick to the development of their HHO and Green Energy based products for consumers. 


The WPP team consists of 46 members.

10 people are working on the main development of WPP.

The president and chairman of WPP is Rafael Ben. Ben has over 30 years of experience in the sectors. He leads a team of engineers and experts in the waste to energy power generation. He is also well recognized on a global scale for having extensive technical and business experience. 

Also, they have a token offering advisory team that consists of 10 members. According to our Expert Check, the WPP ICO advisory team has 6 members from ICO Bench.

Lastly, 15 members are Business and Energy Advisors.

Taking a closer look at the team, it’s clear that members are well-experienced in their fields. Since they are building a platform and energy solutions, they have experts with a technical background who will help develop their vision. Also, the team is led by a businessman with over 30+ experience in the field of green energy.

Moreover, the whitepaper displays various partnerships. Companies like CPG, GDTC, INEWCORP, GreenEsco, Attica Finance, Sumec, AEG, Cesinel, WTE Plasma Holding, Siemens, and General Electric are on the Partnership section of the whitepaper. If the two huge corporations like Siemens and General Electric partnered with WPP, it can be said that the project has a great backup and will likely deliver its promises.


The structure of the whitepaper is easy to follow. It includes a legal disclaimer, the structure of the company and contact info. Also, the whitepaper includes the history of accomplishment because the company has been working since 2009.

The whitepaper is a little too long – team introduction takes 29 pages, introducing every single team member with their achievements. It’s a good way to portray the team members, but it takes a lot of space.

Also, the whitepaper mentions “Reducing costs of green and renewable energy” quite a few times. While this goal is actually great, there are no indications of how they are going to achieve this. Building HHO Mobile Power plants and starting a green energy cryptocurrency exchange is not an action that will help to reduce the costs of green energy. The actions that will be taken to reduce the cost should be clearly laid out and not too vague.


At the moment, WPP has no working product. They do have an MVP which is an HHO Mobile Power Station. The MVP is protected by a patent so they can’t release any information to the public.


The website is relatively new – the domain was registered in January 2018. The domain will expire in 2021 so it can be said that WPP won’t be going away anytime soon.

Website traffic has been gradually growing. At the moment it’s not extremely popular on the internet.

WPP Energy gets most of its traffic from direct links and Referrals. According to the statistics, WPP isn’t really shared on social media.

Now, let’s take a look at the referral for WPP Energy. Looks like Bitcointalk is the largest traffic source for them, followed by ICO Bench.

When it comes to social media, they get the most visits from Twitter and Youtube.

Tokenlion has collected data about WPP social media – Twitter and Telegram. According to July 26 chart, they have 5 thousand followers on twitter and 25 thousand on Telegram. The fluctuations on their Twitter channel indicate Twitter’s inactive account deletion policy. It appears that they had a lot of inactive account as their followers.

Taking a look at Youtube results, we see that WPP is mostly review by Russian speaking reviewers. The videos get a couple thousand views.


All in all, WPP Energy wants to disrupt the green and renewable energy industry by creating an ecosystem. Also, they are developing HHO power solutions – Mobile Power Station, Home Energy Supplies and Converting Polluting Power Plants to HHO. Moreover, they will be launching a cryptocurrency exchange for green energy/power based tokens. The team consists of a large number of experts in their field led by Rafael Ben – a successful businessman with over 30 years of experience in the field. In addition to this, they have partnered up with some by corporations like Siemens and General Electric making WPP a rather attractive investment based on green energy. Their roadmap is not blown out of proportion and should be easy to follow. The whitepaper is rather good, but the team introduction took 29 pages which made almost half of the whitepaper. Moreover, they claim to reduce the cost of green energy but there were no clear actions stated on how they are going to achieve this. WPP Energy is growing in popularity, though not rapidly, it’s better than blowing up overnight.

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