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Patreon-Like Feature on Brave Will Allow You to Tip Content Creators Cryptocurrency

August 09

Brave Will Allow People to Tip Cryptocurrency

Imagine getting some cryptocurrency for all your hard work on memes and funny jokes on Twitter or Reddit. It could become a reality – Brave will be adding cryptocurrency tipping to these social media channels.

Brave, a browser centered on privacy and launched by the co-founder of Mozilla, has plans to launch a system that would allow users to tip Twitter and Reddit members in their native cryptocurrency.

Users who want to use the system will have to manually enable the function inside the browser and link their social media accounts to the in-built BAT (Basic Attention Token) wallets. This will allow them to receive and send tips to other users.

For example, a user can like a tweet and additionally send some BAT to the tweeter. He can also have an option to tweet out “Hey, I tipped you!” The tipping functionality should go live later this year.

“The model will be tipping — a user likes a tweet and can give BAT to the tweeter, and optionally tweet back that he tipped.”

Content creators – Twitch streamers, YouTube channels, and website owners can register as publishers on Brave. They will be allowed to receive BAT as a payment from their fans, readers, followers, and viewers. It pretty much looks like a Pateron but for cryptocurrency. Fans and tippers can reward publishers manually or set up automated monthly contributions for individual sites. Also, they can allow Brave to automatically decide the size of contribution based on the amount of time they spent on a particular website.

This patreon-like feature will allow contributors to earn some extra side-crypto for creating valuable content.

Also, Brave started testing ads feature just two months ago. Originally, Brave blocks all ads, but users can earn some crypto by allowing device-based ads. These ads don’t track user data. In the long run, Brave plans to allow people to earn up to 70% of the gross revenue from this system.

The company reports, that in July the browser had 3 million monthly active users across all devices. They expect to reach 5 million by the end of the year.

Additionally, Brave isn’t the only cryptocurrency-friendly browser. Just a month ago, Opera said it will add Ethereum wallet to the Android browser. Also, they have announced that users will be able to connect their Ethereum wallets to desktop browsers too.

Sources: CCN

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