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A Browser App Will Allow Users to Tip YouTube, Twitch, and Wikipedia Content Creators with XRP

September 24

Tip Content Creators With Ripple

Ripple has been in the limelight for a couple of days now. A new announcement came out stating that content creators will be able to accept XRP tokens.

An article by CCN suggests that tipping will be possible with the use of an app called Coil. The app is created by Stefan Thomas, former CTO of Ripple Labs. The company has launched a browser extension which is in its beta version. Users can tip content creators with XRP tokens by using the plugin.

Thomas said:

“For decades, people have discussed the potential of micropayments to support content creators that would move us away from the broken ad-supported web. Others have created subscription services that bundle content. But micropayments and subscriptions have always been built as closed systems, which fail to capture the huge variety of content on the web.”

According to CCN, Coil is the first one to pay websites using Web Monetization. It is a standard powered by Interledger and it allows users to pay websites for their content. In the near future, Coil will be compatible with YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitch, Internet Archive, Beat, and more.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding paid subscriptions to access content on a website. Coil states that users don’t utilize the whole package of paid content and they want to implement a solution which is pay-per-view. This means that users would have to only pay for what they want to use and not for the whole content.

“Think Spotify, think Uber, think ads on the web – or no more ads on the web,” a Redditor commented while referring to Coil’s additional features, which include paywall bypassing, and lesser ads display. “This is just the beginning of Internet of Value! COIL is big, COIL is huge – Coil deserves as much attention as we are giving Ripple!”

It is possible that Coil will compete with Brave, a web browser that offers the same services as Coil but using BAT tokens. Brave already have over 4 million active users and it’s a private and ad-free browser.

Sources: CCN

Image by Oracle Times

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