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Facing DWI charges in Rochester? Call a criminal defense attorney!

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can get you into serious trouble in New York. Alcohol-related accidents often have serious consequences, and it is not surprising that law enforcement agencies are trying hard to charge and arrest intoxicated drivers. In that attempt, it often happens that these drivers are slapped with charges that are too harsh or wrongful. If convicted for DWI, the consequences can be severe, including jail time. If you are facing DWI charges, consider calling a Rochester criminal defense attorney at the earliest. Here are some quick facts worth knowing. 

DWI penalties in NY

Note that you may face charges other than DWI, which may complicate your case further. Typically, first-time offenders in NY can face a fine up to $1,000 and/or license suspension for six months. If convicted, one must also attend alcohol evaluation courses, and penalties may include one year of jail time. For second-time offenders, the fine can be up to $5,000, besides license suspension of one year and/or maximum of 4 years in jail. Depending on the facts of the case, second time offenders may have to install an interlock ignition device on their vehicles. For a third-time conviction, an individual may have to spend 7 years in jail. Other penalties include at least 1-year license suspension, and fines up to$10,000. Third-time offenders may have to do community service for 60 days too. 

Why should you hire an attorney?

Let’s start by saying that DWI cases are never simple. More often than note, drivers end up making mistakes that only creates further problems. For instance, under the Implied Consent Law, if you don’t take a breath or blood test as requested by the police officer, your license gets suspended automatically. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney, who can work on your side and help with reduction or dismissal of charges. Ask the attorney about their expertise and experience, and do insist on knowing an overall evaluation of your case. 

Final word

There are some really good defense attorneys in NY, and most of them will be happy to work on a flat fee or hourly rate. Ask the attorney if they are going to handle the case personally. Law firms may assign someone else for your case, and you must know if they are as good as the criminal defense attorney you met. Get help from a lawyer right after you are arrested on DWI charges. 

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