Features To Help You End Up With The Best And Chic Business Card

People always try to be creative whenever they are designing a card, which is a good sign. However, there remains a fine line between getting inventive and overtly creative. You better not cross that line if you don’t want your money to go down to waste. So, while designing a chic business card, try to keep the creativity level within a boundary. It should be able to attract your customers, but with clarity given the first-hand priority. If the receiver of the card fails to read what’s on it, then there’s no use of exchanging such a piece of paper. It means you will lose a significant client lead, even without knowing about it.

Some features might help:

You can try to include your photo on your business card. It will help the clients to remember you well, mainly after meeting a lot of people on a monthly basis. A photo addition in the business card will make potential clients contact you for any upcoming project covering. Try giving the online business card a chance to shine for you. On the other hand, unique finishes, dye cuts, selective color, and trend uses, and heavier paper, along with unique fonts, can always help in making your cards visually appealing and even memorable. There will be fewer to no chances of your business cards heading towards the trash then!

The shape of the business card:

Just like the primary finish, font, and color, you might want to keep a close watch towards the shape of the business card as well. For example, if you are into the photography business, try shaping up your business cards like viewfinders or camera lenses. It will help in giving a new level of attractiveness amongst customers. Or, you might even try cards shaped like negatives or slides. So, your profession comes first while designing a business card for it.

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