How to Select the Right Child Insurance Plan for Your Child’s Future?

Everyone who invests in a child insurance plan wants better education and career for their children. And for this, they invest in such insurance plans, also known as child education plans or child plans. Through these plans, they can accumulate large funds for their children over the years, rather than finding means to gather such a high amount when the need arises. But most people, especially new parents and guardians, will have trouble choosing the best child plan for their kid. If you are also looking for methods to select the best plan, you will find detailed information here.

Ways to Choose Child Insurance for Your Child’s Future

When it comes to choosing suitable child insurance for your child, there is no limit to the suggestions you can take. You will get several tips and tricks for finding the best child plan. But sometimes the extensivity of the suggestions can be overwhelming, resulting in further confusion. Don’t worry, because here you will find the best-proven methods of selecting child plans.

Calculate The Maturity Amount Required to Meet Your Child’s Needs

The first method of choosing child insurance is knowing your expected maturity amount. And for that, you will have to calculate all the estimated expenses of your child after a few years. As education is the most expensive expenditure in a child’s life, it is good that you invest in child education plans and calculate the educational expenses. You must also take inflation into account while calculating this estimate.

Compare Plans from Different Insurers

After knowing how much maturity amount you require from the best child plan, compare plans capable of providing that amount. You can know a lot about plans and their returns with the help of a thorough comparison. It will show you which plans have more discounts, bonuses, or promotional offers while purchasing via online modes.

Give Preference to Specific Child Education Plans

You substantially increase your returns by preferring a child education plan instead of child insurance. These plans have several benefits from the government and the insurer. These plans help decrease the premium amount and increase the maturity amount. They also have a lot of tax relaxations. If you are a taxpayer whose income is above the taxable slab, you can avail up to INR 1,50,000 deductions in the taxable income every year against the total annual premium. You can also get several tax benefits on the maturity amount and the capital interests gained.

Customize Plans According to Your Requirement

A great feature that insurers give their customers is plan customization, where you can create your plan. You can add or remove covers, choose the payment frequency, change the maturity or the premium amount based on your budget. These customizations allow you to significantly reduce the premium amount and bring it within your budget if it wasn’t earlier. Thus, allowing everyone to have the best child plan without the restrictions of financial background.

Thoroughly Understand the Policy Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions of the policy is also important as it gives complete information about the policy. All monetary transactions of payments are to be legally bound by the payer and the receiver through documents. In the case of insurance, it is the policy papers that you sign at the time of purchase. The insurer and the insured are entering a legal contract by signing it. So, an insurer must disclose all the clauses and liabilities of the policy. And the insured has to disclose health and financial history while applying. So, make use of this rule to any hidden clauses that can affect you in the future while you raise a claim or receive maturity amount.


These points will be extremely helpful in your search for the best child plan. You can compare several plans and find the most suitable child education plan through these methods. And if you already know all the criteria to compare plans, why don’t you use your new skillset in selecting child plans from Bharti AXA life insurance? They have several plans that provide high returns to the kids and similarly high monetary benefits to the payer. If you need more information on the child-specific plans from Bharti AXA, check out their official website or visit a nearby branch today itself.

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