Recommendations for increasing organic traffic with DM

Nowadays there are more and more blogs and websites, however they are only valuable if they manage to capture the attention of followers. Thinking of you, who have a blog or who are thinking of creating one for poslovne priloznosti, we give you digital marketing tips that will increase your traffic considerably. After its implementation, you will see substantial improvements after some time.

Digital marketing tips that will increase your website traffic

Title –

There is nothing more appealing than a good title. If it is normal and unappealing, most people will not bother to read it. Take some time on this subject so that you can get a truly appealing title. If you can follow this topic, you will be able to make people open the article and read it.

Images – 

Along with the title, the image that accompanies it is a differentiating factor that greatly influences the generation of organic traffic on your website or blog. These should be as simple as possible. If you place your logo on an image you have produced, you will be promoting your blog without any expense on your part.

Number of words –

The most important thing is to write articles with content that helps the reader to clarify a doubt or improve knowledge about something. It is important that before writing an article, read a lot about the topic in order to be able to substantiate what you write. By default, an article should contain between 600 to 1000 words. 

Conventional tone –

Write in a conventional tone, as no one expects a literary text or an encyclopedia from your article, because this type of text easily becomes boring and the user is, by default, restless. Writing in a pleasant way will captivate reading, guarantee more time on the site and, most importantly, it will guarantee future visits.


Whenever you write an article, do it so that you can optimize it for SEO. Search engines are what guarantee your blog’s future in terms of organic traffic.

20{5926015ef26fc784072daf8fb65b1e94b643aff54fd7464f78e9db00bdda6ace}-80{5926015ef26fc784072daf8fb65b1e94b643aff54fd7464f78e9db00bdda6ace} Rule –

This digital marketing rule indicates that you should spend 20{5926015ef26fc784072daf8fb65b1e94b643aff54fd7464f78e9db00bdda6ace} of your time writing a quality article and 80{5926015ef26fc784072daf8fb65b1e94b643aff54fd7464f78e9db00bdda6ace} publicizing it on social media, because no matter how good your content is, without promotion, no one will get to know it.

Increase the number of subscribers –

The best way to increase organic traffic to your website is through email marketing, one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies. Use the correct techniques and get a new user’s email whenever you go to your blog. This capture technique is called Leads, which are subscribers interested in what you have to offer and who signed up to receive more information. 

Frequency –

Something very important that you have to take into account is the frequency with which you publish articles. You cannot post everything in the same week and then go 2 or 3 weeks without posting anything. When a person visits your blog or website, it is because they are interested in seeing what is new, so be constant in the frequency of your publications. Use the blogging community to expose your work and make it known to hundreds of people. 

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