E-commerce has proved to be a platform where new entrepreneurs have flourished more frequently than any other field. Be it a big basket for kitchen ingredients, Nykaa for fashion cosmetics, Amazon for its coolest trending attires and household materials or 1mg for the medical supplies, they all have emerged vibrantly. Nobody has ever seen these online stores existing but they do provide goods and services to a different part of the world.

How are they sending their products after all? Yes, you guessed it right. The shipment companies have played an essential role in making these online stores flexible to reach all over the world. Airways and land routes are not always an option due to the high cost and non-availability of boundaries and land for the transport of goods. Therefore, these shipping companies promote e-commerce by acquiring tenders from these stores.

Today, shipment has no restrictions regarding the type of products to be delivered unless illegal materials. You may have heard about the famous emergency medical services (EMS) provided by the shipping companies. This is about the people who are in sudden need of medical treatment and have to be transferred to a different part of the globe. One can send EMS to Korea [ส่งemsไปเกาหลี, which is the term in Thai], America, UK, or any other part of the world. The way of transport is fast and cheap as well.

Well, there are shipping companies that primarily exist for facilitating the e-commerce based business. When we consider within the country cases, the truck delivery system also prevails. Even the small shops and significant companies have been benefited through the e-commerce platform. They have got the chance to increase their profit and productivity of the business. Thus, these business people also hire shipping companies for their exportation of goods and services.

Taking an example of shipping to send goods from Thailand to China [ส่งของจากไทยไปจีน, term in Thai], it has become easier with the help of e-commerce, after the CUSTOM CLEARANCE in Thailand (free trade agreements) which was not applicable beforehand. All the duties and taxes have been well defined according to the product that has to be shipped or transported.

With the platform as big as the internet, e-commerce has been an epidemic change in a positive outlook. In addition, the shipping companies have been promoting factor. Both the planned businesses are interdependent and a source of growth in economic structure globally.

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