These Ridiculous YouTube Comments Will Make You LOL! (+ How To Get More)

If you’ve ever found yourself tumbling down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, you’re probably no stranger to the wild and often absurd comments that populate the platform. From the bizarre to the downright hilarious, YouTube comments can take us on an unexpected rollercoaster ride through the minds of viewers from all walks of life. Join me as we dive into the realm of these hilarious YouTube comments that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and keep you scrolling for more.

The Playground of Creativity and Chaos

YouTube comments are like the digital equivalent of graffiti on a bathroom stall – anything goes, and the results can be both amusing and puzzling. With an audience spanning the entire globe, you’re bound to encounter a diverse array of perspectives, sense of humor, and levels of seriousness.

1. The Punny Side of Comments

Ah, puns – the cornerstone of dad jokes and lighthearted humor. YouTube comment sections are a haven for pun enthusiasts who can’t resist an opportunity to turn video titles or content into clever wordplay. Whether it’s a pun so cheesy it makes you groan or one that catches you off guard with its brilliance, these comments never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Example: “Did anyone else see that cat-astrophic fail at 1:23? Talk about a purr-fectly hilarious moment!”

2. The Masters of Sarcasm

Sarcasm, the native language of the internet! YouTube comment sections are rife with people who possess the uncanny ability to deliver witty, tongue-in-cheek remarks that leave you both chuckling and slightly questioning their seriousness. It’s like a game of “Is this comment for real or just a masterful troll?”

Example: “Oh great, another tutorial on how to tie shoelaces. My life is now complete.”

3. The Off-Topic Wonders

Sometimes, the comments section takes an unexpected detour from the video’s content and ventures into completely unrelated territories. It’s both perplexing and entertaining to see how quickly a conversation about cat grooming can evolve into a heated debate about the best pizza toppings.

Example: “This acoustic cover of a pop song reminds me of the time I tried knitting a sweater for my pet iguana. Long story short, I’m banned from the knitting store.”

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The Curious Case of Comment Struggles (How To Get More)

While many YouTube users can effortlessly churn out humorous or insightful comments, some struggle to receive any comments on their own videos. In the competitive world of content creation, it’s disheartening to pour your heart and soul into a video only to have it go unnoticed. This has led some creators to explore unconventional solutions.

Getting More Comments

In a quest to boost their video engagement, some creators turn to companies like Lenostube. These companies offer services that aim to showcase your videos to users who are genuinely interested in the content, leading to organic growth for both your channel and individual videos. The idea is simple yet effective – connecting your videos with the right audience. Not only comments, you can also buy watch time from the various providers who are specialized in this field.

How Lenostube Works:

  • Targeted Exposure: Lenostube employs algorithms to identify users who are actively seeking content similar to yours. This ensures that your videos are presented to individuals who are more likely to engage and leave meaningful comments.
  • Niche-Focused Strategy: Rather than resorting to generic tactics, Lenostube tailors its approach to match your video’s niche. This means your content reaches those who are already invested in the type of content you create.
  • Organic Growth: By connecting your videos with interested viewers, Lenostube helps foster genuine interactions and discussions. This not only boosts your comment section but also contributes to higher viewer retention and channel growth.


While YouTube comment sections continue to entertain us with their unique blend of humor, insight, and randomness, it’s important to remember that behind every comment is a real person expressing their thoughts. Whether it’s a pun, a sarcastic remark, or a tangent into an unrelated topic, these comments remind us of the incredible diversity of voices and perspectives that the internet brings together.

So, next time you find yourself chuckling at a particularly amusing YouTube comment, take a moment to appreciate the creativity and individuality that make the online world such a fascinating place. And for those creators looking to make their mark in the digital landscape, services like Lenostube could be the boost they need to connect with their audience and grow their online presence organically. Happy scrolling, commenting, and content creating!

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