What are Digital Business Cards and Why You Should Have One

Digital business cards are very convenient and can be customized many times over. They save you the trouble of constantly redesigning and printing new cards that may be costly for a company. Digital cards are also environmentally friendly, and they spare the earth from the costs of printing paper business cards. However, some people choose custom smart card printing for a physical copy of their business cards.

Why You Should Have a Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards are versatile, and one can utilize them on various devices, from computers, smartphones or printed wooden NFC cards. There are no limitations on the size and number of images, so that you can include as much information as possible. You can even include social media, URLs, and phone numbers with digital cards.

Digital business cards also work with apps and phones on iOS and Android devices. They are convenient for information sharing, which has become necessary for business success. All you must do is click a button and send it. And you can edit them anywhere.

Why Use NFC Digital Business Cards?

NFC business cards use near-field communication technology to exchange information. Depending on the size restrictions of the NFC tag, you can only encode a certain amount of data with NFC tags, unlike QR codes and URL-based digital business cards.

With a massive 888 bytes of capacity, the NTAG216 has the highest capacity tag and is best used for business cards. Other NFC chip varieties exist, each with different functions and storage options.

People have great alternatives between URLs, QR codes, and NFC cards, and digital business cards have several advantages over conventional cards. Depending on your platform, you’ll be able to use the card as a freelancer or business owner at a relatively modest rate. Since NFC cards don’t rely on the internet, they are possibly the finest.

This infographic from NFC Tagify will help you understand digital business cards.

What are Digital Business Cards and Why You Should Have One

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