What Is Cryptocurrency? How It Works?

What is Cryptocurrency is 21st century way to look at money which isn’t controlled by any country, because cryptocurrencies are not national currencies of any nation instead, they are created by private entities and organizations and is control6 by an open market where anyone can come to buy, spend and even contribute to it. It’s not a physical currency instead of a digital one that is highly secured and is made and enhanced by using the newest software technology revolution in the market which is blockchain technology.

How Crypto Currency work

We do not need to discuss the nuisances of blockchain in this article, we just need to know that it is the way if storing, mining and securing cryptocurrencies. Now there are many cryptocurrencies in the market which started of once with just Bitcoin and has expanded into hundreds of cryptocurrencies which are owned by big private entities. You can start the trading through Bitmex Resources. These are more secure than Bitcoin. Some examples are Ethereum, ripple, etc. The main character if these currencies are that they fluctuate a lot and their values go up and down by great margin with minutes. It’s a very volatile market and item, so if you are thinking to invest in the same then be ready f9r the uncertainties.

What is Crypto Exchanges

Now just like share and equity markets and exchanges, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges available and Bitmex resources are one of them. It’s quite famous among crypto traders. It was founded in 2014 by Ben Dolo and Arthur Hanes in Seychelles. Bitmex resource is a peer to peer trading platform which also provides traders with digital contracts for Erherium. It usually trades volumes of crypto coins including bitcoins worth more than one and half billion US dollars every day. Since markets are open always, volumes are usually measured from 10 AM to 10 AM. Some countries in the world like the US, India have banned the use and trading of cryptocurrency in their country but many like China have promoted the use of the same and even have many famous exchanges running from their country.


In the end, we can say that it’s a great way to do the trading for people who love to trade in such highly volatile markets Risks are high so returns and losses can be high as well. But the way technology has changed over the years it’s sure that cryptocurrency will be the way how people invest and trade money going ahead.

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