Expatriates Relocating To Work in Hong Kong – Consider the Factors

With increased economic prospects in the Asia-Pacific regions, more places and/or cities in the regions are providing relatively attractive opportunities for foreigners. Expats when relocating to and working in these places, they would surely get the diverse experiences they have expected. For example, many places in the Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore are already providing the leading international commercial and financial centers with higher promises of individual personal earnings with long-term career growth. This seems the once in a lifetime opportunity for many foreigners and it is hard to ignore.

Working in Hong Kong is no strange practice to foreigners. All it takes is for a foreigner to get a job offer from a local company, and apply for the Hong Kong work visa through the HK immigration department. The rest involves documents and proofs of past working experience. The employing company must become a sponsor to the foreigner in this employment visa application process.

Since moving to Hong Kong, a large portion of expatriates have been benefited by saving money or investing to buy local properties. Others have saved future cash where they have put aside to pay for the education or tuition of their children.

Among the different places in the region, Hong Kong has been featuring in the top three to five for expatriate earnings in Asia-Pacific for the past years.Singapore would usually come close to HK on earning level and it is a placemany expatriates would consider to settle.

The high salary an expat receiveswhen working in Hong Kong has to come at a price.There are more and more expatriates who are expected by their employers to work longer hours after moving to HK. The longer hours of work happen similarly in Singapore.

Many expatriates working in Hong Kong would have easily found thatthey have more disposable income available to them than ever before. One reason behind this is that they have paid lower taxes while working in HK.Some of them would have their employers covered a big part of their expenses, including accommodation, children schooling and transportation.

Another option for the expatriates are for them to come to Hong Kong. But this contributes towards only to a tiny number.

The foreigners moving to Hong Kong for work would have usually come from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Mainland China, and a few other less known places in the world.

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