Are you prepared to launch your Pilates business?

It is never boring to talk to Pilates instructors that are ready to open their own Pilates Studios. The excitement is contagious. We would like to share with you some of the most common topics we hear about – ideas that may be helpful.

Find the right space for you

Answers to the following questions will help you determine the size of a suitable space for a new studio:

  1. How many classes per day or individual sessions do you plan to schedule?
  2. How many people are in each group?
  3. Are you planning to have multiple sessions running simultaneously?
  4. What type of equipment are you looking for?

Do you have a space or equipment in mind? Use our Space Planner to design a layout!

What about the location? Consider these factors, even though your budget will be a major factor.

  1. Renting office space in a retail or commercial building
  2. Renting space within an existing health club
  3. Renting space within an existing therapy center or wellness center

It’s a good idea to lease space from a gym or club. Just make sure that the area is not near noisy activities such as step classes and basketball. The mind-body connection is enhanced in a quiet environment.

Want to start your own Pilates Business in Illinois?

Your decision to move to Illinois won’t surprise anyone as the state holds the reputation of being one of the best places to live in the US.

Living in Illinois can be exciting, provided that you’re able to afford the higher taxes and find a job in a suffering job market. You should also consider getting errors and omissions insurance Illinois to protect you and your business from unexpected risks.

Find and hire qualified instructors

You might plan to open your studio with just one employee – you! If you plan to hire additional staff, then the quality of the instructors is crucial for the success of your program. Do not skimp on the quality of your program!

It is essential that instructors have experience in group exercise and a solid understanding of Pilates. Your instructors should be able modify exercises to suit the needs of participants.

Encourage your instructors’ continued education in Pilates. Your clients will return to your classes if you use new tips, exercises, or methods.

Equipment versus mats 

Mat classes can be a great place to start a Pilates program. Mat classes are inexpensive, don’t require much space and can serve as a “pipeline” to get clients into your personal or group training sessions.

Matwork can be a challenging exercise. It is not an introduction to the sport. Your instructors are crucial. They must prevent members from becoming frustrated or, worse still, injured in a mat-class and turning them away from Pilates forever.

How much equipment should you buy to start? It depends on the size of your studio and your budget. You can use our ROI Calculator for a quick estimate of your return.

Know your demographics to create interesting programming

Pilates exercises can be adapted to fit the needs of any demographic. Are you a community with a lot of older adults? Pilates is the perfect exercise for older adults. Are you pregnant or recently a mother? Pilates is also beneficial for pregnant women.

Pilates can help athletes improve their performance. Studios all over the country are a big fan of specialty classes that target specific sports. Currently, many of our clients offer specialty classes in:

  1. Pilates for Golfers
  2. Pilates for Tennis Players
  3. Pilates for runners
  4. Pilates for horse riders
  5. Pilates for cyclists

Know your pricing region

Studio services are often more expensive than those offered by health clubs, because they offer smaller, more intimate sessions and provide more personalized attention.

When you are setting your prices, keep in mind your location. Find out what other Pilates studios that serve similar-sized markets charge, and what competing facilities offer in your locality. Price your services to be competitive.

Private Pilates sessions in a studio may cost between $50 and $125, depending on the factors. The cost of group reformer classes is usually lower and ranges from $40 to $75. Studio packages for multiple classes can be offered to reduce the price per session and encourage more people to sign up.

Calculate your ROI using our ROI Calculator.

Create the Right Mind-Body Atmosphere

Create the right atmosphere for Pilates. Simple details can have a big impact. Our article “Creating the Proper Mind Body Atmosphere”, in our Pilates library, offers inexpensive tips for creating the right environment.

Market, market, market!

It is important to have a multi-faceted plan for your launch and development of the program.

  1. All staff members, including instructors and administrators, should be familiar with your Pilates program. Keep all staff updated via email or in person.
  2. Discuss with your Pilates instructor how to promote and improve your program.
  3. Promoting new classes to existing members is a great way to increase their loyalty.
  4. External networking is essential. Visit local businesses, churches and schools. Conduct demos a local office complex. Create “drop-in cards” that allow non-members to get their card punched each time they attend a class. Once they have reached a certain amount, offer them a class for free or at a discounted price. Let your marketing creativity flow!

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